We all know you don’t wear sweats to a job interview, but when it comes to what to wear, we might get a little distracted. Here’s some ideas on what to wear to any interview (job or internship).

Women’s Wear

Being fashionable shouldn’t be sacrificed for the workplace – however, it should be appropriate. For starters, dark slacks are always a good choice. They should fit appropriately and should be hemmed if they are too long.

Skirts are a nice option for something fashionable and feminine. Pencil skirts work well in the workplace, but be sure that they fit appropriately and hit at an appropriate length. A skirt should hit at the knees or just above. Four inches above the knee is too high and should be disregarded as a contender!

Blouses with trousers or skirts can be tucked in for a more professional look. If a blouse is tucked in, I suggest wearing a nice belt to compliment it. In addition, the blouse should not be see-through. If it is, wear a nice cami underneath. Blouses should cover the shoulders, and if not, just throw on a nice cardigan.

Dresses are always a nice option. Just like with skirts, they should hit at the knee or right above (no more than four inches). They should be flattering, nothing that you would wear to the club. If the dress doesn’t cover your shoulders, wear a cardigan with it.

When it comes to shoes, nice sandals (no flip flops), flats, and heels will work with any outfit. Heels should not be over four inches and should be closed toe (peep toes maybe). No strappy heels.

Remember, if all else fails, keep it classy. Wear what you might to church or to lunch with your grandparents. Keep accessorizing to a minimum, and go dark for a classic look.

Men’s Wear

Men should think professional when interviewing for a spot. It’s a good idea to invest in a nice dress suit for such occasions. The suit should fit appropriately, and a tie should be worn. Dress shoes should be worn as well.

Don’t forget to tuck in your shirt, and wear tall socks that match your pants (no ankle socks!). Make sure your belt matches your shoes as well. Last but not least, be sure to iron your clothes before heading out the door, you don’t want to look a wrinkled mess. This applies to women, too.