We found this nifty info graphic from BestCollegeReviews.com on Pinterest and had to share, along with some of our own tips!



Some of our own:

  1. Keep a bedtime: as silly as it sounds, keeping a set sleep schedule will help you stay healthy, not sleep through your alarm, and more. It is suggested that college-aged persons get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, so base your sleep schedule at what time you need to be up in the morning.
  2. Keep a roll of quarters handy: It sounds crazy, but quarters get you far! You never know when you might need spare change for something, so keep a few handy wherever you go for snack machines, car washes, organization bake sales, etc.
  3. Invest in a few cooking items: the cafeteria food will start to suck eventually. Useful cooking tools to have on hand: microwave safe bowl/plate, bacon tray, and microwave rice cooker (can be used for rice, ramen noodles, and so much more!)
  4. Join at least one campus organization: it keeps you involved in what’s going on and helps you meet people! You can find a list of organizations at your campus life center on campus.
  5. Pack a snack: so often, time gets away from you with social hours and study time that you often forget to eat! Pack a few snack bars before you leave the dorm room in the morning to keep yourself fueled and focused.
  6. Make friends with your neighbors: be a bit of a social butterfly and make sure you know your neighbors in your dorm. It will be helpful in case someone gets too rowdy and staying away from having to call the RA.
  7. Invest in pizza parties: hall pizza parties were the best dinner nights. Everyone pitches in a few dollars and you get a cheap meal delivered to your door. How convenient!
  8. Take a lot of pictures: even if you hate them, college is a memorable time worth snapping pictures for. Take a lot so you can remember the good times.
  9. Study first: it’s a given, but you want to put your classwork above your social life. You want to make sure you keep your grades so you don’t get sent home after the first semester!
  10. How to not burn your popcorn: place a microwave-safe plate upside down in the microwave, place popcorn on top. Burn-free popcorn every time.
  11. Get a budget: this will help you save money, pay bills, and realize how much you are spending and where.
  12. Take opportunities: you do not have to wait until senior year to start looking for internships. Start interning now to set yourself up for success later.
  13. Write everything down: from notes to to-dos, have a planner handy to jot down dates so you won’t be wondering when your homework is due.
  14. Read the syllabus: and write down due dates (again). You will be more ahead of the game and prepared for what’s coming!
  15. Introduce yourself to professors: depending on your school, this is a great way to make a start in networking in your field. Professors know people, and if they know you, they can hook you up.
  16. Learn your school’s tech center: even if you have a computer, you may have things you have to do in the tech center on campus. Know where it is, how to navigate it, and maybe even how the printer works for emergencies.
  17. Utilize the career center: they can help you write killer resumes as well as get you job opportunities. The BEST resource on campus and the most underutilized!
  18. Sneak in tupperwear to the Cafeteria: I would never promote stealing, however, it might be nice to stock up on things like dressing or fruits for meals in your room. Don’t take more than you can eat, though. Be conscious of others.
  19. Eat your veggies: most college students forget to eat healthily! It’s not about the freshman 15, but more about keeping you healthy and cold-free for exams. Eating right helps with all those things.
  20. Take a walk: Try to spend 30 minutes doing something active, like taking a walk/run, rollerblading, playing intramural sports, etc. Sometimes with all the studying, you forget to move!

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