Five overused phrases you definitely have on your resume

by | Application

I is kind. I is smart. I is important. -my resume in a nutshell


Crafting a resume that packs a punch can be extremely difficult. Especially if you’re fighting the urge to write “Hire me, please?” on every line. Let’s face it, resumes take a ton of effort. You have to effectively showcase your experience, highlight what you have to offer, and make the hiring manager want to bring you in for an interview; all while sticking to a page and making sure your desperation doesn’t show. We’ve all turned to our dear friend Google for help with writing resumes, but it’s easy to inadvertently fill your resume with clichés that would make any hiring manager roll their eyes.

We’ve compiled a list of overused phrases you definitely have on your resume, and definitely need to get rid off



Yeah, you and everyone else. At this point, anyone who doesn’t live under a rock has some proficiency in Microsoft Word. Instead, focus on other software platforms that aren’t as common. Proficiency in Excel, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Canva will make you stand out in a resume crowd.



We get it, you may really work well with others, but employers nowadays will expect you to have this skill. Unless you’re applying for the next NFL draft, it’s safe to leave this phrase off your resume. Instead, let your experience showcase how well you work with others.



This phrase may have the hiring manager humming Vanilla Ice lyrics for the rest of the day, but it says nothing about the specific problems you helped solve. Highlight a difficult task or project you were given and how you critically overcame it.



You only have one page to showcase why you deserve the position. Phrases such as “responsible for” fill up unnecessary space. Instead, use an action verb like “managed” or “coordinated” to get to the point of your experience more effectively.



In other words, you’re proficient in talking. Applicants have held onto this phrase for centuries, but we think it’s officially time to hang up its jersey. Focus more attention on exactly how you’ve exemplified good communication skills in the past.


Now it’s revision time! Dust off your resume and make sure these five phrases are improved. The sooner your resume is cleared of clichés, the sooner you’ll land your dream internship. For more information about how to craft a killer resume, check out our Intern Guidebook.