6 Apps for the Student Intern

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Internship |

1. Google Calendar

If you have never used a calendar app, Google Calendar is a great place to start. Not only is this app wonderful for keeping track of your schedule but it allows you to set reminders and goals, send calendar invitations and color code based on tasks. So if you find yourself consistently getting off task or mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, try planning out your schedule using this five-star app!

2. Sleep Cycle

Waking up made easy. This alarm clock app analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase (which is, the natural way to wake up feeling rested!) Plus, it tracks your sleep patterns so you are able to make adjustments based on your sleep quality and time in bed. Did I mention, the alarm sounds are amazing and the intelligent snooze feature lets you snooze until you the end of your wake up phase. This app is sure to change the way you sleep forever!


3. Starbucks App

Warning** this app is slightly dangerous to your wallet. However, if you haven’t tried mobile order, you are missing out. The mobile order allows you to pre-order your drink via the app, so you don’t feel awkward ordering your venti, no foam, latte with soy milk and two pumps of vanilla or if you are running late, you can skip the line. Starbucks also offers a great reward program, that gives you a free drink every 125 stars and many other rewards.

 4. Mint

This one is not so dangerous for your budget. Mint is basically your one-stop shop for everything money related. From the app, you can pay your bills, create budgets, manage your balances and credit score. It’s your financial life, in one place that’s easy to understand. In college especially, you will find having a tool like Mint is extremely beneficial and will assist in helping you manage your bank account expenses.


5. Quizlet

Chances are you already know about Quizlet. The real question is have you downloaded the Quizlet app? The app offers the same learning tools and flashcards as seen on the desktop version but through the convenience of your phone. It’s perfect if you are in a coffee shop or on your way to class and need a last minute cram session.


6. Nike Run Club

I think we can all agree when you run by yourself, it can be difficult to find the motivation to push yourself. The Nike Running Club app is the perfect running partner and allows you to track your runs, get coaching that adapts to you and connect with other runners. They also allow you to create running plans and access guided runs that walk you through each step. If you are in Florida, you may want to wait until October comes around to start. 😉